The process of an Aeternum Music composition begins with you. We take the time and effort to get to know you through a series of consultations and discussions (usually via Skype or phone) to really get a sense of what you want from the music on your wedding day.

What do you want the music to add? What do you want your guests to feel when hearing it? We consider your musical tastes, you and your partner’s personalities, your whole story. We will discuss how you envisage the piece, how you imagine feeling when you hear it, what instrumentation you prefer and what kind of arrangement will add that essential dash of magic to your day.

Following these discussions, we’ll begin to interpret your vision and start the composition of your piece. It will go through several revisions and iterations as we explore how to imaginatively translate your vision into music. We’ll create melodies, a complementing harmony and an initial orchestration that captures the sense of occasion and significance of your day.

Following an initial draft of your unique composition, we’ll translate your feedback to revise and refine your piece, creating a more definitive draft that’s closer to the final piece.

Once you’re absolutely delighted with what we’ve composed, we’ll move forward with final recordings and performances. What follows is the mixing process: a fine balancing of your piece which allows the melody to be utterly prevalent alongside the supporting harmony, accentuating the instrumental and preferred melodic lines. Following the mixing, we commence the mastering. Mastering is the final step in production of your composition – the touch of ‘je ne sais quoi’ that finishes your piece off to perfection.

Finally, we’ll present you with your bespoke musical composition on a USB in a presentation case.  If your piece isto be played by a live ensemble at your ceremony, then we will happily supply the music for the musicians to play from.