Here is a selection of music we have composed, ranging from delicate solo piano pieces, through traditional trumpet and organ music, to full sweeping cinematic scores.

Once In A Lifetime

Aeternum MusicThis brief is for an art deco style wedding – a piece for the bride to walk down the aisle to. Understatement was the watchword on this piece, so we blended a small string section with a piano lead line, complimented with woodwind and french horns to add texture.

This is one of our more provocative compositions. A light score with a strong story at its core. The romantic, lilting piano is both lively and uplifting, giving the whole piece a warm feeling.


Wedding March

Aeternum Music

A string quartet supporting a trumpet tune, this piece has been composed in a traditional style, following the classic wedding marches. 

Its grand and stately theme sets a resplendent tone, perfect for an impressive entrance.


Walk With Me

Aeternum Music

A curious, spritely score that’s a sensitive, soulful experience. A soft opening, that ambles playfully across a sweet narrative before building to a splendid finale. A love story, if you will.

All I Need

Aeternum MusicA solo piano piece, composed with delicacy and elegance in mind. The solo piano was chosen for its intimacy and understatement.

The Eye of the Beholder

Aeternum MusicA string-heavy score with a gliding overture and fairy-tale-like undercurrent. It really tells a story and has an air of grandeur that’s hard not to get swept up in. A marvellous wedding choice.


Far Away

Aeternum MusicThis brief is a longing of a love far away. A distance that couldn’t be bridged. An intimate exposition, stated on the clarinet, leads to a development that is uneasy, uncertain and reserved. This ultimately leads to a release of a soaring string recapitulation.